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The Hottest Home-cooked Curry You Will Ever Buy!

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Since Bitspicy was launched we have tried to offer something to everyone. We have mild, we have vegetarian, we have gluten-free and we have very hot! One of our first promotions was the 2012 3-Chilli Phall Challenge. Some of you may still treasure the t-shirt; we certainly still treasure the videos of you eating the curry!

Well, we have now tweaked the 3 Chilli Phall. It still has 3 chillies in it but we have replaced the habanero with the Trinidad scorpion. If you don't know what that is why are you reading this? - you definitely won't be eating the curry! Having said that, a large proportion of our Phall is bought as presents. So go ahead and try it if you dare!

For the slightly more normal people who enjoy a hot curry (by this I generally mean women!) try our Malay curry. We score this a 9/10 as it has the same chilli blend as the phall - just a lot less of it! It is sweet and coconutty but has a bit of a delayed reaction so don't give it to the children! Finally we recommend our Vindaloo. We use coconut vinegar as it is a litle less stringent, but ordinary white vinegar will do. This gives it that slightly sour tang, and the paprika in the spice blend gives it a lovely rich colour and flavour.