Bit Spicy

Singapore-inspired spices

The Bit Spicy Story

Andrew, one of the founders of Bitspicy, grew up in Singapore as the only 'Anglo' at the Anglo-Chinese School, one of the most prestigious in Singapore. This gave him an insight into local culture and cuisine that would pass by other 'ex-pats'. Sailing & rowing for the school took him to other places in Indonesia, Malaysia & Sri Lanka, where he was able to taste what the locals ate, not what the hotel guests ate! Within Bitspicy's range you will find a Singapore curry (a blend of the Malay influence with a true British curry!), and Burmese, Malay and Indonesian curries, as well as Goan, Sri Lankan & other regional/national cooking styles.

Growing up in Singapore was an exceptional experience for me. As the only non-Asian in my school, I had unique access the this exciting experience
— Andrew Anderson

When Inspiration Struck

It was after yet another evening when they had invited half a dozen friends round and cooked a selection of curries – chicken vindaloo, venison rendang, keema peas, chickpea and potato and a dahl – that he and his wife realised that, while everyone they knew enjoyed curries, Mexican, Chinese and in fact all types of spicy food, they were the only people who actually cooked it from scratch – i.e. dry-roast their own spices; grow, dry and grind many of their own chillies; make their own onion bhajis...

Bit Spicy also grew from the realisation that many curry cook books are misleading, overcomplicated and inaccurate. Every single recipe here has been road-tested by friends and family for their flavour and ease of preparation. No additives, just fresh home-cooked spicy food.


Cooking with Spices

If cooking with spice mixes is new for you, check out our easy guide and Secret Sauce recipe, the basis for all our delicious spice mix recipes.


Glossary of Spice

Discover the secrets in your spice cupboard. In this day and age most of the ingredients used in our recipes can be found in your local supermarket, or over the internet.