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The Food & Travel Experiences That Inspired Bit Spicy

Singapore is a melting-pot of cuisines,and cultures - Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian. Even dishes which you might consider to be standard Indian food has a ‘Singapore twist’. People arriving from Sri Lanka and Southern India adapted their traditional family recipes to incorporate local ingredients.


South Asian

What we consider to be a curry is of course not really traditional food from the Indian sub-continent. Many famous curry-house recipes are indigenous to Birmingham!

Over the centuries many trading imports to this region, including tomatoes and chillies from Central America via the Portuguese, were adapted into the local diet. A desire for spicy food then developed over the centuries into some of our favourite meals.


South East Asian

South Asian food has stolen the limelight over the years in the UK, with most of the nation’s favourite meals being found in a Bangladeshi restaurant in every town centre. We are now trying to focus far more on the subtle flavours found in South East Asian cookery; namely dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

The food from these countries tends to be very simple but very hot. We have toned down our recipes to accommodate the western palate, but feel free to add extra chopped chillies (always with the white flesh and seeds in – that’s where the true heat, or capsicum, is!).



Andrew spent nearly a year travelling around Mexico and the US in his twenties, and his tastebuds were awakened to the different chillies and their uses.

Americans love a chilli cook-off, and one lesson he learned was the addition of sour cream, not only as a side dish but stirred into the chilli and cooked to give a creamier and tangier taste.

Tacos are street food, made from cheap corn tortillas. These are traditionally soft, not brittle, and can be wrapped around the filling as the perfect tidy finger food.

You can see our full Mexican spice mix list in the shop, and check out all the accompanying recipes, like how to make pulled pork with a chipotle taco blend, by clicking the button below.



We have included a selection of vegetarian/vegan recipes in our repertoire. Not only are they delicious in their own right, but they can also make a banquet when several are presented together, with or without meat options.

All our spice ranges are suitable for any diet, with the exception of our massaman curry, which contains prawn powder.


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