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Bit Spicy Is The Low Salt Option

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Most curries purchased ready-made from a restaurant or supermarket will have very high salt levels.

The recommended level for an adult is 6g per day, and even a slice of bread can have up to 1g!

Salt is used to flavour food. We add it to chips because potato is a very bland product and our bodies crave a certain amount of salt. Some ordinary foods are by their nature very salty, such as bacon and cheese. Put these in a sandwich with salted butter and you have a very high-salt meal!

Some of our mixes have no salt at all; others have at most 5% of the total weight, so maybe 2 grams for the majority of our products. If you bear in mind that the recipes are for between 4 and 8 people, the meal will, by health guidelines, be very low-salt indeed. We create a big taste with the spices we use - we don't need help! Sometimes a touch of salt will bring the flavours together, as we have found by experience, but that really is all it is! Believe me, Andrew having been diagnosed at a relatively early age with high blood pressure, salt makes only the rarest appearance in our house!