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Back-packer’s Delight

RecipeLT Admin

High in slow-release carbohydrates and needing only 1 pan, this is the perfect basic companion for just about anything!

Serves 4


  • 1 onion, chopped (optional!)

  • a few cloves garlic (also optional!)

  • 1 tbsp-ish British Curry powder (or whichever of our spices you have packed for emergencies!)

  • 1 stock cube (optional)

  • a couple handfuls rice (any variety)

  • 1 can beans (kidney, pinto, cannelini, anything)


  1. If you have the onion and garlic in your backpack fry them gently in whatever you have for frying.

  2. Add the spice mix, stock cube if using, and the rice and stir to absorb the flavours.

  3. Add just enough water to cook the rice.

  4. When cooked, stir in the beans and warm through.

  5. Add more water at any time, if necessary.

  6. This can obviously be jazzed up with chillies, sweet peppers, sausage or anything lying around that you can no longer bear to carry!