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Celebrate the Festival of Light with our Singapore Deepavali curry

South East Asian, NewsElizabeth Anderson

Deepavali is the Singapore name for Diwali, which this year is celebrated on 27th October (although dates vary regionally). It is the Hindu Festival of Light, which we are highlighting with our own special curry blend! Available only until the end of October, this delicious blend combines the South East Asian flavour of star anise with fennel and our own garam masala. We also include home-grown dried curry leaves, which add a very distinctive and slightly smoky taste. If you can find fresh ones (or grow your own!) and pandan essence, you can also add these but they are not essential. With some ‘secret sauce’, a tin of tomatoes and some yoghurt, you can make a completely unique and delicious curry for chicken and potatoes. Order the spices and find the full recipe here